Receiving Organizations. We have you covered.

You're busy. We get it. We've done it. With over 30 years of combined placement experience we know how cumbersome and time consuming it can be to remain compliant. Studihubb incorporates this knowledge and experience by integrating all parts of the placement cycle from sending organization to local representative smoothly.

Studihubb Offers:



  • Applicant and host family lead database. Add a link from your website which stores leads.
  • Ability to download and email all leads directly.
  • Choose specific groups to email announcements.



  • Receive applications from multiple sending organizations who aren't Studihubb users.
  • Monitor progress. Notifications provided throughout full application cycle.
  • Preliminary Application determines initial program eligibility saving you time.
  • Assign accepted applicants to specific representatives at your discretion.
  • Create school database with ability to send applications directly.
  • Automated monthly contact reporting.
  • Generate and email applicant ID cards.
  • Upload customized application documents for your organization.
  • Upload, view and share flight itineraries.


Host Family:

  • Send a link to a host family so they can complete their application online.
  • Representative ability to upload additional screening documents.
  • Host Family accounts to access all placement and student related documents.



  • Create user accounts for representatives.
  • Sending organization registry. Assign custom contracts.
  • Full Representative dashboards include available students, tasks, calendar and more.
  • Store documents viewable to specific users or groups.
  • Customizable reporting for SEVIS, management reviews, and more!



  • Create user accounts for staff in multiple branches.
  • Assign specific accounts and program types to differentiate locations, positions and more.
  • HR managers can oversee all staff activity on their personalized dashboard.
  • A link on your website will connect candidates to the HR module.
  • Candidate screening documents can be uploaded to their file.
  • All users have a dashboard to view company notices calendar, and other important information.

Studihubb can develop custom modules and features to meet your specific needs.