Created for worldwide Sending and Receiving Organizations, Work & Travel Programs, Internship Programs, and more. Studihubb is your online solution to manage participant programs more efficiently.

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With over 30 years of combined placement experience, Studihubb was created with your needs in mind.


Our automated platform simplifies each phase of the application cycle.


Build tailored reports, add identity branding, create designated user roles and permissions.


We are committed to providing clients with our full support via user manuals, webinars, and online FAQ’s.


Studihubb is built with security guidelines for modern web applications and hosted with Amazon Web Services.

What Studihubb does for Sending Organizations.

Studihubb allows applicants to begin their adventure with simplicity and ease.

  • Strengthen student recruitment by simplifying the application process.
  • Connect with participants and parents quickly through communication modules.
  • Monitor program success via on-demand reporting.
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What Studihubb does for Receiving Organizations

Studihubb offers a robust tool set that supports the placement cycle, your way.

  • Seamlessly collaborate with staff, schools, families, and multiple sending organizations.
  • Only Studihubb offers a built-in Human Resources module.
  • Monitor and maintain participant and visa compliance.
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