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Connect anywhere, anytime

Communicate with Students, Parents, Host Families, and Staff in one easy place!


Simple yet Intuitive Conferencing

Make your day easier with quick scheduling, tracking and nothing to download!

Easy Scheduling

Easy to schedule student, family or staff interviews, monthly student reports, and Representative training sessions. Track and manage meeting RSVPs and sign-ups in one location.

Intuitive Reminders

Real-time communication has never been easier. Automated reminders keep you focused on important tasks so no one misses a deadline.

Participation Tracking

Easy-to-follow dashboard provides history, notes, and schedules. Know when a meeting occurred and what was discussed for recordkeeping and audit purposes.

Why Choose Studihubb?

Student placement season can be crazy. We know! Scheduling student interviews, host family screenings, and Representative training can be difficult. Studihubb can fix that with our easy scheduling tools.


Signup as many users to meet your needs. Staff, host families, schools, representatives, even your business accountant. Anyone can sign up in minutes!


Orientations and training sessions can take time. Studihubb never limits you! Hold a meeting for 5 minutes or 5 hours.


Staying healthy is important. With both in-person and virtual meeting options everyone stays safe. Representatives can feel good about placing students and host families can feel safe during the process.


Do more for just $2* per user!

    30-day Free trial and Discounts for 200+ users.

    Studihubb can help with:

  • - Student Interviews
  • - Representative Training/ USDOS Training
  • - Host Family interview, orientation, and home visits
  • - Monthly student reports
  • - International Agent Meetings
  • - Regional Manager Meetings
  • - Student Placement Updates

With easy monthly billing you can add and remove users as needed. From business partners to clients to in-laws, everyone is only $2 per month.

*Minimum number of users is 10. Sold in packages of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always here for you! Chat with us anytime by clicking the “chat” icon on the bottom of the page or email us at
We made Studihubb not just inexpensive and easy to use but also very safe. We ask users to create a secure account. Only account owners are able to add additional users to their account.
Nope! Everything you need is built in, including your own web-based virtual conferencing system. You can access on any computer or mobile device.
What if I need help?
How safe is Studihubb?
Do I need to download anything?